The Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA) is a collaborative venture that collates data from completed clinical trials and provides access to anonymised data for novel exploratory analyses to inform clinical trial design. 

Across the entire archive, data are available on more than 82,000 individual patients and are stored anonymously.

Using this resource, specific questions can be answered concerning:

  • the natural history of specicif population subgroups
  • the optimal selection of patients for future trials,
  • choice of outcome measures for future trials,
  • the influence of country, concomitant disease and other factors on recovery.


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Latest News from the VISTA Collaboration

VISTA-ICH: ISC 2016 abstracts

We are pleased to report that the following VISTA-ICH abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the ISC 2016 in Los Angeles, USA:

  1. Wolz R, Royle N, Gray K, Xie Z, Tuthill T on behalf of the VISTA-ICH investigators, Prediction of Hemorrhagic Growth using Textural Pattern Analysis, Poster Presented at ISC 2016, Los Angeles, USA. 
  2. Zandieh A, Messé SR, Cucchiara B, Mullen MT, Kasner SE, on behalf of the VISTA-ICH Collaborators, Prophylactic Anti-Epileptic Drugs and Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Poster Presented at ISC 2016, Los Angeles, USA

VISTA-Cognition Presentation (ICVD 2015)

  1. Ali M, Quinn TJ, Lees KR, Demeyere N, Humphreys GW, Mok VCT, Wong A, Van de Winckel A, Dichgans M on behalf of the VICCTA and VISTA-Cognition Steering Committees. International data archives on cognition and mood: resources for novel exploratory analyses, Presented at the International Congress for Vascular Dementia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 16-18th October 2015. 

VISTA-Cognition Presentation (UKSF 2015)

Quinn TJ, Ali M, Lees KR, Demeyere N, Humphreys GW, Dichgans M, on behalf of the VISTA-Cognition Steering Committee, Development of an International Resource for Cognition and Mood Data in Stroke, Poster Presentation at UK Stroke Forum 2015. 


The VISTA Collaboration is expanding once again, with the addition of an archive of data specific to trials for cognitive impairments after stroke (VISTA-Cognition). The aim is to be inclusive; information on the eligibility criteria and data contribution procedure are now available.

To date we have received 8 datasets, totalling 2,422 individual patients' data. We encourage further contributions of datasets to VISTA-Cognition and will make more informaiton available on the variables that cane be used in analyses.

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